Friday, September 4, 2009

More Haul :D

I made a trip into Reno just to hit up the clearance racks at Longs (soon to be CVS), and the first one I went to was the one I scored at 2 days ago. It had been mostly wiped of anything I wanted since everything was 75% off so I ended up at another Longs that only had stuff at 50% off. I did manage to score some Hefty bags and an Orange Glo mop kit (I just wanted the mop part since I don't have hardwood floors). I also had a $3 off any purchase CVS Q from my birthday and a $3/$15 to use.

CVS Total OOP - $5.86

I hit up Walgreens too and found the September coupon booklet. *happy dance* I found a $2/1 Sensodyne Pronamel for children in there and used the $1/1 MQ I had so it made it 59c. The Soft Soap Ensemble was priced and placed wrong on their shelves so I got 2 of the pumps and 2 replacements for $1.99 each and used the "$3/1 refill WYB a pump" Q to make all 4 pieces $2.

WAGs total OOP - $22.41
RR Received - $16
Adjusted OOP - $6.41

Adjusted OOP for the whole trip - $12.27
Total Saved - $69.94

I didn't use any RR at WAGs either! So I have a decent little setup for the week of the 13th going as I have my scenario and RR all set up and set aside for the week of the 6th. :D

And the picture..

Not pictured 2 bags of Pirates Booty (consumed by the girls) and 1 Mt. Dew (consumed by me)

September 4 Haul

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I had some time before my boyfriend plane landed, and after the girls and I had dinner, so we hit up some Longs/CVS and WAGs for some deals. :D

Walgreens total OOP was $23.37, but I walked away with $29 in RR. I'm missing a receipt for about $8, but every time I spent money I got back more RR's than I spent so my OOP is really a MM. I used up $12 in RR, and I'm still sitting at like $41 in RR. :O Oh and the best part.... I snagged a BUNCH of the Healthy Savings booklets at one store! WOOHOO!

At CVS between my two cards I paid $3.56, and made $6 or $7 in ECBs (and spent a few too). The best part was at the last Longs (CVS) that I went to I scored a load of stuff that was 75% off. I got Glade Scented Oil Candle refills for 97c, a Dryel Kit for under $3, Armstrong floor cleaner for 39c and there was tons more.

I'll upload a picture of my haul tomorrow. :)

Pictures as promised ..

September 1 Haul

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm back at it!

It's been a few months, and I've moved 1600 miles. My house is mostly in order now, and I find myself a little bored. So despite the fact that I was going to try and keep a more natural household I decided to coupon for fun anyhow. A sign of a true addict. :P


I had a couple of coupons left that were still good that I had hung on to, and printed out WAY more than I should have this morning I'm sure. For just starting back up with almost nothing already on hand I did pretty good. :D

Walgreens ~ 2 transactions
OOP ~ $25.15
RR Earned ~ $19 (I used a $4 RR from my 1st transaction on my 2nd transaction)
Adjusted OOP ~ $6.15

CVS ~ 1 transaction
OOP ~ $12.17
ECBs Earned ~ $19.99
Adjusted OOP ~ -$7.82

Target ~ 2 transactions
OOP ~ $3.42

Total Adjusted OOP ~ $1.75

The haul..

August 30, 2009 Haul

Not shown, but included in my totals: 2 newspapers, 1 20oz bottle of water, 1 20oz Mt. Dew

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, I'm going to be putting couponing on hold indefinitely. Our lease here is up at the end of August and we're not sure what is going to happen from there as to where we will be going. So I need to clear out the 40 bags of frozen veggies I just got for free. Start dipping into the mounds of other stuff I have stockpiled as well. The less we have to move the better. It should be interesting to see how much I can save us just getting the perishables, produce, and frequently used items. I'll have to hold myself back from good deals though. It will be hard.

I think perhaps I'll begin tracking my expenditures for groceries and see if I can keep us under $300 a month for food. I will have to get the items that are a little more expensive, like fish, on sale and just freeze what I think we will use in the next couple of months. I already have enough meat to last us the rest of the month and into part of next month easily. Produce should be cheaper and more plentiful shortly so this will help out greatly.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Use the code "BEV246" and get $5 off your first order!

I just got 1 Alba Coco Butter Shave Cream, and 1 Alba Coconut Creme Clear Lip Gloss for $2.17 SHIPPED.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not too shabby really..

I got my Qs all gathered up last night and after the gym today I went to the better stocked Kroger. I got all my items that I could find and went to start checking out at the self-check and the spicy brown mustard rang up at $1.79 and not $1.25. I asked about it, and the CS guy went back and checked the endcap display I had gotten my mustard from. Well there was nothing to indicate that the spicy brown mustard was not part of the sale and cost more. So I ended up getting the first one free, and the second one at the $1.25 price.

That trip I got:

2 can sliced pineapple
3 Softsoap liquid soap
2 yellow mustard
2 spicy brown mustard
1 Duncan Hines cake mix
2 Ziploc storage containers
1 bag Jasmine rice
1 Scotch Brite dish scrubber (NailSaver type)
1 box whole wheat rotini
2 Double Early Edition Sunday papers

Total OOP - $10.23
Total Saved - $23.65 (70%)

I got the coupon inserts out of the paper before I even got in the car. I clipped ones I could use right away while Sophia got all mad, then fell asleep.

I ran over to the other Kroger near my house since I didn't have anything that could melt in the car (it's 80 here today). I found Glade Scented Oil Candles that were on sale 2/$5 and I had 7 $2/1 Qs! :disco: So I grabbed 7 of those. I got everything else I needed, and then happened to find some Fiber One yogurt on clearance (near expiration date) for $1 and I snatched up 3 of them and used 50c/1 Qs to make them totally free! :D

Transaction #1 items:

3 Fiber One yogurts
2 boxes Ronzoni elbow pasta
1 Land-o-Lakes butter (light)
1 Pilsbury sweet rolls
3 Pilsbury pizza crust
3 tubs Betty Crocker frosting
3 jars Ragu pasta sauce
7 Glade Scented Oil Candle holders

Total OOP - $11.28
Total Saved - $55.95 (83%)

Transaction #2 items:

3 Pilsbury sweet rolls
1 Pilsbury pizza crust

Total OOP - 50c
Total Saved - $6.86 (93%)

So $22.01 total, and saved $86.46.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Yes. I've neglected my blog. I'm bad. :P

I've had a few good transactions lately. Kroger currently has Quaker granola bars and cereal on sale where you get $4 off instantly when you buy 4. I also found that the Quaker site for the True Delights is unlimited prints (not sure if it still is) so I got 24 boxes of True Delights for 50c each! Then I used my Cap'n Crunch coupons and got 8 boxes for $6, and 12 boxes of Life for $12. Some was a little less because I also got the CAT for Pilsbury a few times.

Target has an awesome sale on Pepsi right now too. It beats the pants off WAGs Pepsi deal. At Target it's 5 12-packs for $15 and get a $5 gift card when you buy 5. I got my Pepsi coupons about a week ago so I did 2 transactions and got 10 12-packs for $20, and got two $5 gift cards. :D I then went back later on and got 6 boxes of Wheat Things Artisan crackers, 2 boxes of Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads, and 2 boxes of Pledge Multi-Surface Duster refills. OOP for that after the GCs was $1.6x. So under $22 OOP for all of it yesterday!

There is a $1/1 IP at, and the Artisan crackers had a tag saying "Sale thru Satruday" but the date said 3/xx - 3/30. Today is the 30th, so Target's bad. :D